Clowns, Magicians & Magic

Come one come all! Step right up to the experience of a lifetime! An Expert from will come and amaze children and adults alike with an intriguing magic show full of comedy, prizes, laughter and amazement!

Your Expert will arrive in the most appropriate costume available for children’s parties. Unless requested otherwise, your expert will be dressed very colorfully like a clown but without makeup on their face like a magician. This is called an ENTERTAINER. Most children prefer the colorful ensemble of a clown. However, that clown makeup is often a little too much for some children to handle. This is especially true when face painting is involved and the entertainer must get very close to the child and touch them with the paintbrush.

Most children (and some adults) prefer the face of the magician, however, magicians tend to be dressed in a way that’s just a little too boring. For example, a black hat, black shoes, black pants, black jacket and a white shirt is just not that exciting for a child under the age of 11. pulls together the best of both worlds by having phenomenal Ringling Brothers inspired costuming with the face of a magician.

You can always request full clown face, just a touch of makeup or the addition of a red nose. Your Expert from will make every effort to cheerfully accommodate any request!

Our comedy magic show will amaze and delight children of all ages! It is a very powerful show of fun, humor and illusions that will defy all laws of science. Things will appear out of thin air as well as disappear into thin air. All children who come up to assist the entertainer with a magic trick will win a prize. In the event that a child is either too shy to come up or is not selected to come up, the entertainer will play some games. By the time the games are complete, you will notice that all of the children have won prizes! Everybody is a winner!

We love to make the birthday child the star of the show. However, if your child shows signs of shyness or seems to be uncomfortable in any way, your Expert will pick up on that and ease the child in at the child’s own pace. The birthday girl is usually called up to do the trick where they win a Princess necklace or a money prize depending on the child’s preference. A birthday boy is usually called up to do a magic trick where they win a Hot Wheels car or money depending on the little boys preference. Your expert will do a magic trick where imaginary ingredients are put into a real cake pan and the real cake pops out. We place a candle in the birthday cake, (as it turns out, it is a sponge cake) they call the birthday child up, and everybody sings Happy Birthday to the birthday child. This is followed by a full round of magic tricks as well as singing, dancing, games and prizes. Your expert will finish this hour off with balloon animals for each child at the party.

If you would like your little girl crowned the birthday Princess in front of everybody, let us know and we can provide a beautiful crown and a boa for your birthday Princess at a small additional cost.

Hoss The Amazing Bunny can visit your party upon request. Hoss makes his grand entrance through a magic trick that is so amazing, the adults won’t even believe their eyes! Hoss The Amazing Bunny sticks around until after the show so all of the children can have a chance to gently pet him.

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