Cotton Candy

Such an experience to watch children delighted with laughter encircle the cotton candy machine waiting their turn for a warm delicious sweet treat of cotton candy! Children just cannot seem to believe their eyes as they watch a huge cotton candy coming down to be handed to them. Their eyes light up with the delight and disbelief that this is all for them!

Cotton candy even seems to bring the elders to a place that makes them smile of memories of special times, back in the day, of the boardwalk, Coney Island, festivals and fairs and the familiar taste of a warm fresh cone of cotton candy.

Your Entertainment Expert will arrive festively dressed, deliver your cotton candy machine, the paper cones, bags, ingredients, extension cords and all of the other items necessary to make a perfectly round tasty delicious cotton candy for each child to enjoy!

After your guests have had all of their servings of cotton candy that they could ever enjoy in a day, your Entertainment Expert will remove the machine, the ingredients and the items that all go with the machine, they will tidy up their area and deliver the machine back to the warehouse for you to be cleaned and sanitized for the next guest.

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