Deluxe & Full Face Painting uses only the highest quality face paints on the market today. All of our face paints are FDA approved, have an extremely high pigmentation for bright brilliant long-lasting colors and go on neatly and cleanly with a very quick drying time. When we paint the face, arm, hand or leg, the paint on the child is dry long before the child ever exits the chair.

Our Entertainment Experts travel around the United States at different times throughout the year to attend seminars to sharpen their skills in not only face painting but also their magic, balloon animals and in general children’s entertainment. We absolutely love what we do and therefore we continue to re-invest in ourselves by traveling to these different seminars, sometimes alone, sometimes together, to learn all that we can to be the absolutely best face painters, magicians and balloonists that we could possibly be!

There are 4 types of face painting that we offer:


This type of face painting has an enormous amount of detail focusing not only on the face but the eyes and lips as well. This type of face paint requires quite a bit of time allowing us to do only 4 or 5 faces per hour however, these faces are absolutely spectacular!


This type of face painting is the most popular type of face painting that we are called to do. This type of face painting uses the whole face. A few examples would be a full face Spiderman, a full faced sabertooth tiger, puppy, a pretty glitter kitty or full face butterfly. We almost always use glitter on the girls faces for the full face and often a jewel or two. Multiple colors are used. Approximately 15 faces per hour can be painted using our full face face paint with glitter and jewels.


This type of face painting is done on just the cheek. Instead of having Spiderman per se, we may do something like a spider on the cheek instead of a full face tiger, a girl may have a kitty cat on the cheek or a butterfly just on the one cheek. We do use glitter and we do use multiple colors and we can complete 30 to 45 faces per hour with this type of face painting. This is often good for a very large birthday party or corporate event.


Speed painting is usually done as a one color paint on the cheek. There is usually no glitter involved but if we have time, we will certainly add the glitter. This type of painting is often used in schools daycare’s and very large birthday parties on a small budget. If the line of children is consistent, we can paint approximately 60-75 children per hour with our spectacular speed painting.

In any given situation if one type of painting is ordered but we feel that we can fit in painting of the next tier up, for example, cheek art is ordered when 25 children are expected but on the day the event 15 children arrive, our painters will always make every attempt to increase the quality of the face painting to better serve your party.

On occasion the amount of children in a party who actually want their face painted may fall around the category of 20 children. In that situation your expert may be able to mix cheek art for the toddlers but full face face painting for the older children.

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