Moon Bounces

Fun, exercise and excitement are just a few of the words that can best describe an event with a moon bounce or inflatable. Children laugh and giggle and make screeches of joy as they enter into our extra-large moon bounces to jump the afternoon away in play. An Entertainment Expert will always attend and monitor the moon bounce as the children jump and play in the clean large moon bounce. All of our moon bounces have basketball hoops built right in to the structure as well as every safety feature available today. Our moon bounces are clean and tidy. All of our moon bounces have a safety door, a safety net in front of the door, and inflated air mattress attached to the moon bounce or a foam pad under the exit of the moon bounce as well as the best fire rated material and safety hatches on the roof. A mature, festively dressed, experienced attendant will make sure that the moon bounce does not become dangerously overcrowded, that every child gets a fair amount of time on their turn, that the larger kids do not dominate the moon bounce so that small kids cannot get a turn, and that all play in the moon balance is fun, yet safe. Your Entertainment Expert will not allow children to do flips or any other behavior that can be dangerous to themselves or any other child in the moon bounce.

In the event of a birthday party, there is no need to hire a balloonist to twist balloon animals for the children, as your Entertainment Expert will make a balloon animal, balloon sword or princess wand etc. for every child attending your party. This feature alone could save you $150.00! Please ask for details.

Whether you have a birthday party, block party, communion party, school or day care, grand opening or any other fun event, children of all ages are invited to jump inside of our moon bounces.

In the event of rain,, will amaze and delight the children at your event with a magic show, balloon animals, face painting, cotton candy or popcorn, or many other types of children’s entertainment.

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