Popcorn is an amazing addition to any exciting event! Who does not love the amazing smell of freshly popped popcorn? Did you know the history of popcorn dates back over 5000 years? Even Native Americans enjoyed popcorn centuries ago! Around 1893 a man by the name of Charles Cretors invented an easily transportable popcorn machine that was able to pop kernels of corn in hot oil.

Now you too can have the fun of popping freshly popped popcorn from a professional popcorn machine at your next exciting event! Popcorn is as fun to watch as it is to eat. When a kernel of popcorn heats, the moisture inside the kernel turns to steam. The steam forces the kernel to expand and eventually the kernel pops. Not only does watching corn pop in a popcorn machine entertain onlookers, but the aroma alone will bring older guests back to yesteryear and excite younger guests for a warm delicious and healthy treat.

By special request you can add gourmet flavorings and seasonings to put atop of your popcorn: parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, sour cream and onion, seasoning salt and dill are just some of the seasoning toppings you can add.

If you are having a fundraiser, renting a popcorn machine so that you may sell popcorn at your event will allow you to make a profit. Even after paying for the cost of the food, the supplies and the rental you can raise money for your special causes. Making popcorn is simple and quick.

Our festively dressed Expert from ChildrensEntertainmentExperts.com will arrive at your delightful event festively dressed and deliver your professional popcorn machine, the popcorn, oil, bags, salt, extension cords and all other necessary supplies. Your Expert will set everything up, stay and pop all of the popcorn, bag the popcorn and cheerfully serve it to all of the children and any adult who requests some (when possible). When finished, our Entertainment Experts will leave extra popcorn for your guests, clean their area up and deliver the popcorn machine with all of the supplies back to the warehouse for you. Your Entertainment Expert will enthusiastically do everything for you so that you can just enjoy your party and your guests.

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