Santa with his REAL BEARD!

Nowhere else in South Jersey can you find such a beautiful Santa Claus with his real beard, blue eyes and rosy cheeks who can come to your school, day care, house party, work party, Christmas party or birthday party and delight the children of all ages with his beautiful red suit and talents.

Santa clause can arrive with his beautifully manicured real beard, top-of-the-line Santa suit & real boots, and, upon request, arrives with a helper that will assist Santa in amazing all who watch him with his incredible magic show where, through magic, he answers any question that a child may have. With his helpers assistants, Santa can demonstrate how he can fit so many toys into one Santa sack by enlarging things and shrinking things right before your eyes.

In the event of a birthday, or to celebrate the birthday of baby Jesus, Santa can have the crowd throw imaginary ingredients into a real cake pan, cover the cake to some hilariously funny moves to shake and bake the cake. When he uncovers the cake pan that had imaginary ingredients in it, a real cake pops out! It’s a sponge cake! Santa will put a candle in the cake and lead the crowd in singing Happy Birthday to either the birthday child or the baby Jesus (whichever you prefer). For events other than birthdays, this trick can be bypassed. Santa shows how he keeps his costume clean and neat and tidy by doing a magic trick where he takes rags with soot on them from the chimney and magically makes the dirt vanish right before your very eyes. Also, the trick would not be complete without Santa magically making the cloths hang themselves up! Santa will make an object float from one person to another person; he will show that if the toy breaks, the magic of his magic dust can fix it again. For example, if he uses scissors to cut a jump rope, Santa can restore the jump rope into one piece. The child who volunteers to help Santa (of course) gets to keep the jump rope! He can turn a common household tissue into a train, a Hot Wheeles car, a Christmas necklace or any other small object that the child might like; even money! All children that partake in the tricks get to keep all of the prizes! Yes, even the money!

After Santa Claus, with his beautiful real beard, demonstrates much of his magic through unbelievable magic tricks, he will play reindeer games with the children. No matter how many children are present, all children win a prize from Santa Claus. Santa can sit for photos after all the reindeer games are over. Just as a proud father carries pictures of his children in his wallet, Santa Claus carries a wallet with a special Santa Claus ID as well as pictures of his reindeer. (Yes actual reindeer!) Many of them are standing in front of placards with their names on them.

You can request that Santa’s helper take the pictures and pose the children so the pictures come out very nicely. Santa’s elves can put all of the photos on a disc and hand you the disk so you have all the rights to the photos. The elf can also use your camera while you are busy doing other things in your party. If you prefer to use our camera, we can e-mail all of the pictures to you and, unlike the malls or other photography company, you maintain all of the rights to all of the photos!

We do many fabulous things to entertain children year-round at, however, this magic show with the singing, dancing, reindeer games and prizes, as well as the photos with Santa and his beautiful real beard, is absolutely by far an incredible experience for all who attend!

Many people who hire Santa and his helper also higher a moon bounce for indoor events (minimum ceiling height 8 foot tall) and face painting elves. We have many types of face painting available such as full face face paint, Christmas cheek art face paint and speed painting for very large crowds. If a child is hesitant to have their face painted or is all dressed up and mom would prefer no paint on the face, we can paint arms and hands as well. Holiday types of designs are available as well as the classic designs that are used year-round for all of our artistic paintings.

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